gracious christianity

Gracious Christianity book cover


"The good news proclaimed by Jesus, when it is properly understood, will never foster hateful faith, but will make us gracious instead."
- Gracious Christianity, p. 12

"Ungracious Christianity is a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron."
- Gracious Christianity, p. 12

"Graciousness is a non-negotiable dimension of Christian faith. It goes to the very core of the gospel. It is what makes the gospel good news."
- Gracious Christianity, p. 17

"Love of God and neighbor has always defined the heart of Christianity, but the need to visibly and vigorously reaffirm this truth is especially urgent today."
- Gracious Christianity, p. 23

"God has for the most part chosen to change the world by layering small grace upon small grace, and living graciously as Christians allows us to assist in that work."
- Gracious Christianity, p. 26

"God does not belong to us; rather we belong to God. And the God we belong to loves the entire world...When we seek to follow that God we are inevitably stretched in the process."
- Gracious Christianity, p. 31
"We are called to mutuality of love. We are to love and serve others and, just as importantly, we are to let others love and serve us when we need their help."
- Gracious Christianity, p. 36

"The more we understand the depth of God's love, the more we ourselves will be able to love the world and everyone in it."
- Gracious Christianity, p. 38

"Everyone bears the image of God and deserves respect because of that fact."
- Gracious Christianity, p. 42

Gracious Christianity is: